Why a top content moderation company quit the business instead of fixing its problems

An empty content moderation floor at a Cognizant site in TampaAn empty content moderation floor at a Cognizant site in Tampa | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales

Yesterday, as I tried to sort through Twitter’s decision to ban political ads, I got a tantalizing tip from a new source. Cognizant, the professional services company I have spent much of this year investigating over the dire conditions of its workplaces, was exiting the content moderation businesses.

To my surprise, the tip turned out to be true. The company announced it in an earnings call on Wednesday, without mentioning the names of Facebook, Google, or any of its other clients. Later that day, Facebook provided me with a statement from Arun Chandra, the company’s vice president of scaled operations.

“We respect Cognizant’s decision to exit some of its content review services for social media platforms,” Chandra said. “Their content…

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