Why Sony Is Releasing A PS5 Without A Disc Drive

Sony is releasing two PlayStation 5 consoles this year. One has a disc drive and the other doesn’t. In a new interview with GameSpot sister site CNET, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan explained why Sony is releasing the disc-free console.

He explained that it’s a reflection of what many consumers want these days. Basically, people are consuming more and more digital content as opposed to physical media, and Sony is releasing a new PlayStation console for those who align more with this vision for the future. “We’re just acknowledging here that as time passes our community is becoming more digitally orientated,” Ryan said.

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The executive pointed out that, in the first quarter of 2020, a whopping 66 percent of PlayStation games sold were digital. This uptick in digital game sales was no doubt driven by the fact that people are staying home during the COVID-19 crisis, but in any case, the percentage of digital game sales at Sony–and other game companies–is growing.

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Source: gamespot.com