With new APIs, Sony’s robot dog could be the smart home assistant you’ve always wanted

Image: Sony

Sony says you can now use a web-based API to program its adorable Aibo robot dog to do new tricks — and you might even be able to make it your smart home’s best friend.

With its new “aibo Developer Program,” Sony is inviting developers to make “services and applications” that can work with Aibo. I didn’t really understand what that meant until I saw this incredible concept video of what might be possible with the new APIs. Aibo helped monitor a microwave, turn on a robot vacuum, remind a child that she had left the fridge open, and… act as surveillance camera for the child’s mom?

Who needs Alexa — a robot dog might be able to help you out around the house instead!

To create simpler tasks, there’s “aibo Visual Programming,” which lets…

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