Xbox One’s Elite Series 2 Controller Gets Rare Discount At Amazon

The Xbox One’s Elite Series 2 controller is one of my favourite pads and a huge improvement over the first Elite controller. It is quite an expensive piece of gaming tech, though, which makes it a bit of a hard sell for most gamers. However, if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can snag yourself an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller with a $20 discount.

While currently listed at $177.07, you’ll see the Prime-exclusive discount at checkout, dropping your price to $159.99. As usual, you’ll get free one- or two-day Prime shipping. Because this is Amazon, there’s no knowing exactly when this deal will end, so don’t wait if you’ve been holding out for a discount on the Elite Series 2.

The great thing about the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is that it works with PC as well as Xbox One, and Microsoft has confirmed it will also be compatible with Xbox Series X when that console launches later this year.

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Xbox Elite Series 2 controller | $160 ($180)

Some of the improvements from the first Elite controller include adjustable analog-stick tension, a third trigger stop, and two more customizable control presets, in addition to Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable USB-C battery that lasts upwards of 40 hours. The controller’s case even comes with a charging dock, giving you the ability to keep your controller covered and safe while it charges.

If you want to take a closer look, check out our Xbox Elite Series 2 controller gallery, which shows the pad up close and goes into detail on its deluge of features.


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