Xiaomi’s new Mimoji look awfully familiar, huh

It’s been a while since we’ve had a rousing debate over copycats in the smartphone space. Now that the smartphone is a mature product category, and its market has been around for more than a decade and all those fun lawsuits have been more or less settled, it’s not all that relevant who started what or is owed credit for this trend or that one. (Unless you’re still into a good ol’ flame war.)

But Xiaomi, once an unapologetic Apple copycat who’s co-founder wore Steve Jobs-inspired black turtlenecks, wants to remind you that it’s not afraid to keep copying. This time, the company is cloning Apple’s cartoony Memoji with… Xiaomi Mimoji. As noted by the Chinese-language version of Engadget, Xiaomi is introducing its own augmented…

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