YouTube pressured to ban Chinese state media ads that spread misinformation about protesters

Demonstrators Attend Anti-Government Protest In Hong Kong Vernon Yuen/NurPhoto via Getty Images

YouTube is being pressured to remove ads from China Central Television, a state media channel that’s allegedly spreading misinformation about protesters in Hong Kong.

Users on Twitter and Reddit have posted a number of screenshots of the ads, many of which paint the Hong Kong protests as an illegitimate product of foreign influence. The users accuse YouTube and parent company Google of enabling an “infestation of ads” that “tries to sow political discord.” As a result, many supporters of the protests are demanding that Google stop CCTV from running ads on YouTube.

“Google, why are you helping China [government] to undermine freedom of [Hong Kong citizens] with your platform,” Chu Ka-cheong, an engineer based in Hong Kong, tweeted.


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