Action-RPG Holomento Invites You to Die in a Gorgeous World


What’s worse than a walking skeleton? A giant walking skeleton, one of the enemies that the undeniably pretty Holomento throws at you.

It probably doesn’t help that we’ve just reached that part of Elden Ring, where giant skeletons reach out of the ground to try and murder you, so we’re all skeletoned up. But, despite the odd boneless nemesis, Holomento looks like it could be worth taking for a spin.

This PC-based semi open-world action RPG, which features permadeath (so those skeletons have some company), sports a colourful aesthetic that reminds us a little of Overwatch. One of the cowboy characters is, in fact reminiscent of that title’s Cole Cassidy. And yes, that does mean you can take on your enemies long range; the trailer features one character using their own personal Death Star beam on a foe.


It’s early days for the title, as its Early Access status suggests, but Holemento, the work of solo developer Sean Weech, features multiple regions to explore; Eventide’s Edge, Eventide Pass, Frigid Fjord, Central Valley, East Valley, Lush Valley. Yes, there are a lot of valleys in there but there’s also at least one dungeon to roam around and bosses that may give you a run for your money.

Holomento should be in Early Access for a year, with new content added regularly. You can pick it up from the Steam Store for £16.99, though there’s also a 15% launch discount right now.


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