All Sacred Tear Locations – Elden Ring Walkthrough

This video shows you every Elden Ring Sacred Tear location and how to find all of the churches that hold a Sacred Tear to increase the amount of HP/FP restored by your flask. 00:00 – Intro
00:16 – Limgrave Tear 1: Third Church of Marika
01:00 – Weeping Peninsula Tear 1: Callu Baptismal Church
01:57 – Weeping Peninsula Tear 2: Church of Pilgrimage
02:54 – Weeping Peninsula Tear 3: Fourth Church of Marika
03:43 – Liurnia Tear 1: Church of Irith
04:10 – Liurnia Tear 2: Bellum Church
04:54 – Liurnia Tear 3: Church of Inhibition
06:45 – Caelid Tear: Church of the Plague
07:51 – Atlus Plateau Tear 1: Second Church of Marika
08:54 – Atlus Plateau Tear 2: Stormcaller Church
10:12 – Mountaintops Tear 1: First Church of Marika
11:04 – Mountaintops Tear 2: Church of Repose
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