Bungie Issues Destiny 2 Hotfix That Solves Horrific Dead Pupil Problem

Bungie issued a patch for Destiny 2, hotfix There are a lot of general fixes here and there to different parts of the game, along with some specific ones with Raids.

In the Vault of Glass Raid, weapons drops have been removed from the loot pools of Master Vault of Glass encounters. The difficulty of Raids plays a part in this patch. During Master difficulty encounters, players are now guaranteed to receive stat-focused armor, and Master Vault of Glass loot lockouts have been separated from the Normal level one. Additionally, both Normal and Master difficulty level Vault of Glass Raids can now be looted independently each week.

Drops will now only be at players’ Pinnacle Power from the first weekly clear of each encounter. Bungie gave an example of this situation, clarifying that if a player completes Oracles on the Normal difficulty, it will provide a Pinnacle award. However, if you later decide to clear Oracles on Master difficulty during the same week, then your reward will be stat-focused armor but it won’t be at your Pinnacle Power. Any further completion of either encounter will award players with Spoils of Conquest. On Master, you’ll also earn Masterwork Materials.

As for general hotfixes, a fix was implemented for the Stasis finishers issue that caused a slight delay to weapon readiness relative to non-Stasis class finishers. A cosmetic error was also fixed where Boots of Emperor’s Agent wasn’t showing shaders correctly.

Lastly, the last noted fix involves the Ghoyster Shell that has cartoonish eyes. There was an issue where the Ghoyster Shell could have terrifying dead white pupils in certain environments.

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In other recent news, Destiny 2 will remove Synthstrand from the armor synthesis system in Season 15. Cross-Play between Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Stadia will arrive in Season 15 as well.

Source: gamespot.com

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