Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Tokyo Escape Detailed — New Maps, Modes, Operator, And More

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While we have to wait a little longer to learn more about Season 3 for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, Activision has now shared all the key details on Season 3 for Call of Duty: Mobile. Activision ran through all the details on the new season in a blog post, and we’ve rounded up all the key details in one place.

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Release Date

Season 3: Tokyo Escape for Call of Duty: Mobile goes live on iOS and Android this Saturday, April 17. It is a free download, though there are more microtransaction mechanics coming through the new Battle Pass.

Season 3: Tokyo Escape And New Battle Pass

Season 3 features a new Battle Pass that has 50 new levels that you can progress through via gameplay or by paying real money. Things like new weapons, Operators, blueprints, charms, calling cards, emotes, and CoD Points are available through the Battle Pass, like usual.

There is also a new Operator skill–Bull Charge–that unlocks at tier 14. The new PP19 Bizon submachine gun, meanwhile, can be yours when you hit tier 21.

Everyone who buys the Battle Pass will get some of its content right away, including the new Operator, Hidora Kai, as well as the Type 25 – Oni weapon.

New Multiplayer Maps

Season 3 also adds new multiplayer maps in the form of Oasis and Coastal. Oasis might look familiar, as it originally debuted in Modern Warfare 3. Oasis is set in a fancy desert hotel and is a medium-sized map. Coastal, meanwhile, is new and it takes place in a sea town.

New Multiplayer Modes

Players are getting new modes as well, including Swords & Stones and nighttime versions of other modes. Swords & Stones challenges players to get kills with melee weapons and grenades only. Killing enemies gives you a speed and attack boost.

The night modes increase the tension by turning the lights off. Players do have night vision goggles to help them along the way.

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New Challenges

There are new challenges in Season 3 as well. Activision didn’t specify what the challenges entail, but the studio said players can unlock the Overclock perk and the Renetti pistol by completing these challenges.

New Battle Royale Class

A new class is coming to Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale mode in the Season 3 update. Players can complete the “Quick Hands” challenge to obtain the Spotter class. An anti-aircraft specialist, the Spotter should help squads succeed in the battle royale mode. The challenge to obtain the Spotter launches through an event that starts in early May.

Warrior’s Path Event

A new Warrior’s Path event kicks off in Season 3. This challenges players to capture and hold territories every 24 hours; there are different tasks for each territory. The faction that picks up the most points when a territory closes will claim that territory. Players can earn special rewards throughout the event, including eight Epics and one Legendary calling card.

As for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, Activision is teasing a big reveal for April 21, so check back soon to learn more. It’s expected this will involve the rumored nuke event that looks to blow up Verdansk and replace it with an ’80s-themed map based on Black Ops Cold War.


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