Conservative podcasters are ditching the industry’s largest event

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After Ben Shapiro’s appearance at Podcast Movement prompted outcry, the company that handles his podcast sales is cutting ties with the event. | Photo by Jason Kempin / Getty Images

I hope you all had a chill Labor Day à la Miss Flo. I spent more of it on Twitter than I would have liked because of the spit , a gift from the messy drama gods. I don’t care what Chris Pine’s PR says — we saw what we saw.

Speaking of drama, the Ben Shapiro / Podcast Movement brouhaha simply will not die. Let’s get into it.

Cumulus cuts ties with Podcast Movement over Ben Shapiro controversy

Do I love getting a juicy, unprompted news nugget in my inbox after 4PM? Not really. But I do appreciate the shit stirring on Cumulus’ part. Yesterday afternoon, the company announced that it will not be participating in Podcast Movement next year after the event’s organizers apologized for Ben Shapiro showing up at the conference last month.


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