Drop’s signature MT3 profile mechanical keycaps are buy one get one free

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The MT3 Susuwatari keycap set on an aluminum Epomaker GK68XS. | Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

I know Saturdays are usually for sleeping in, but I hope you don’t sleep on this round of deals. Drop has a very special sale on its exclusive collection of MT3 profile keycaps for Cherry-style mechanical keyboards. You can buy two base or ortholinear sets of keycaps and get them for the price of one when you use code MT3FREE until Sunday, February 20th. That may sound like a jumble of confusing jargon for the mechanical keyboard uninitiated, but that’s ok, because we’re here to help people learn as well as save.

Drop’s signature MT3 keycaps have a deeply scalloped contour for your fingers to gently rest in as you type. They fit most Cherry MX keyboard switches — the most commonly used type out there — and they’re made of high quality…

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