Fortnite Adds New Shop Section For Previously Vaulted Items

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Fortnite has featured a ridiculous number of characters, Back Blings, Emotes, and other cosmetics via its special events and themes over the last few years, so it’s understandable that some items haven’t resurfaced in some time after entering the vault, especially when Epic is so often partnering with licensed properties like Marvel, Star Wars, and The Walking Dead. A new Shop section is now available and features previously vaulted items exclusively. It’s a great chance to get any goodies you may have missed.

Each long-absent item in this new Fortnite Shop section has been unavailable for at least a year, and some of the deepest cuts go back to the earliest seasons of Chapter 1. Currently, the Vaulted A Year Or More section, as it’s called, includes the Mega Man-like Astro Assassin, masked heroes Taro and Nara, medics Triage Trooper and Field Surgeon, and more, alongside a range of corresponding accessories for several of them.

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Even though this is something fans have long clamored for, Epic hasn’t said anything about the releases. Instead, these ua-rare items all just arrived with the daily Shop update last night with little fanfare outside of the game’s community forums. Each item features the same timer revealing the cosmetics are scheduled to disappear with tonight’s shop update at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET. Whether they’ll be replaced with more rare cosmetics is not yet known.

If any of these Shop items have been on your wishlist, now’s your chance to get them. There’s no telling when they’ll come back around. Hopefully this means more of Fortnite’s missing-in-action cosmetics will make their long-awaited returns sometime soon.

Speaking of long-awaited cosmetics, there’s still no telling when The Foundation cosmetic will hit the Shop, but fans have seemingly determined that the masked man is played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


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