Fortnite Covert Ops Challenge #1 – April 22

As promised by Epic, this morning brought new Covert Ops challenges from The Origin for Fortnite players. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to hear the dulcet tones of one Rahul Kohli as the voice of The Origin, but completing all four challenges will reward players with the Secret Sledge pickaxe for nothing but the time spent completing them. No V-Bucks, no Battle Stars, all you need is a little bit of elbow grease and some time and this one is yours.

Choose any one of these pins, dive down and establish that device uplink.

The first mission given to players is to establish a device uplink in Zero Build in Logjam Lumberyard, Sleepy Sound, Tilted Towers, Sanctuary, Greasy Grove, or Condo Canyon. Highlight the quest to see the locations available to choose from, then pick one and drop down to it once you’re in a game. This part of the challenge is pretty par for the course, so if you’ve been completing your Resistance challenges, you’ll already be familiar with this first objective.

Go look for a blue radio signal hologram coming from the ground near where the map tells you to go in the quest tracker. (Note: it’s usually right at the very point of whatever pin you’re looking at.) Run over that hologram and you should hear The Origin’s voice in your head. And he’s telling you to kill people. Literally, actually–he’s on comms, and the next stage of this challenge is to eliminate 10 players in Zero Build.

Grab a weapon (or a vehicle, if that’s more your speed) and start hunting down other players however you prefer. Once you’ve successfully shuffled ten other players off their mortal coil, The Origin’s voice will pop back into your comms and welcome you to Covert Ops. You’ve successfully completed the first of four Covert Ops challenges! Wait until April 26 at 9 AM ET to receive your next Covert Ops challenges, and make sure to check back here for guides on the next challenges as they drop, take a look at our Fortnite hub or a peek at the new Wu-Tang Clan skins dropping this weekend.


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