Fortnite’s new season has a rollercoaster, Darth Vader, and vibes


Following a few months of gritty warfare — and a live event last night starring a giant mech — the latest season of Fortnite is surprisingly laid-back. In fact, season 3 of the game’s third chapter is called, simply, Vibin’. It brings with it some notable changes to the island, including new locations like an amusement park — complete with a rollercoaster — as well as a trippy-looking forest called Reality Falls that features magical saplings players can plant and grow for better loot.

Here’s a closer look at how the western edge of Fortnite’s island looks now:

Gameplay-wise, the season brings back a fan-favorite vehicle, the Baller (which looks a bit like a giant hamster ball). It has been tweaked slightly, though: it has…

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