Heartstopper’s Yasmin Finney is joining Doctor Who as ‘another Rose’


Yasmin Finney as Elle Argent in Netflix’s Heartstopper. | Image: Netflix

Doctor Who’s titular Time Lord will soon go through a regeneration that leaves them looking a lot more like Sex Education’s Ncuti Gatwa than Jodie Whittaker, but the forthcoming Doctor won’t be the only new face to look out for as the franchise celebrates its 60th anniversary. Heartstopper’s Yasmin Finney has been cast as a mysterious character she and showrunner Russell T. Davies are only referring to as “Rose.”

In a press release about Finney’s casting, Davies described life on Doctor Who as getting brighter and wilder and rhetorically pondered how there could ever be “another Rose,” referring presumably to Billie Piper’s character Rose Tyler.

“You’ll find out in 2023, but it’s an absolute joy to welcome Yasmin to the Doctor Who set,”…

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