How to Improve Your Characters in Evil Dead: The Game


Evil Dead: The Game

Wondering how to improve your characters in Evil Dead: The Game? Here’s what you need to know.

You can play as multiple characters in Evil Dead: The Game, and each one has their own unique skill tree. Playing as a particular character will earn you experience, which in turn will level them up, earning skill points.

You’ll need to spend those skill points to improve your characters in Evil Dead: The Game. To do so, head to ‘Collection’ from the main menu and select the character you’d like to improve.


There are many skills to choose from for each character, and it’s up to you how you want to develop them. Perhaps you’ll want to focus on developing your favourite character, playing to their strengths.

A number of skills have multiple levels, so you can spend multiple points on it to further enhance it. That’s particularly useful if there’s a certain skill you’re keen on.

However, don’t worry if you’re not completely happy with how you’ve improved your characters. You can remove or reset skill points at any time and spend them on new skills if you want. It’s probably worth experimenting to find out which skills work best.

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