How to Override Machines in Horizon Forbidden West

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Fighting every machine you encounter in Horizon Forbidden West is an option. So is trying to sneak past them. But sometimes it’s beneficial to override them.

Overriding machines in Horizon Forbidden West has multiple benefits. Override some machines, such as the Strider, for example, and you’ll find that you can use them as mounts, allowing you to move around the world quicker and even make use of their attacks. Other machines, on the other hand, simply fight by your side once you’ve performed an override on them.

To override a machine in Horizon Forbidden West, you first need to sneak up on it. If you can perform an override on the machine, you’ll then be prompted to do so, in addition to being prompted to perform a silent strike on it. Simply press the Triangle button on your controller rather then R1, and you’ll perform an override.


As you’ve probably already guessed, you can’t perform an override on every machine you encounter in Horizon Forbidden West. You can override most, though. Many you can override from the outset of the game, but to override some of the bigger, more ferocious machines, you need to find and complete side-activities called Cauldrons. Complete them, and you’ll unlock the codes which allow you to override more machines.

You’ll need to fabricate the codes to override some machines, too, which can be performed when back at your base. If you’ve not unlocked the base yet, keep playing. To fabricate the codes, you’ll need to collect certain crafting parts. Find them, and you’ll be able to override the most powerful machines in the game.

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