Juicy Marbles’ filet mignon is good plant-based meat but not great steak

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A real meat-and-potatoes meal. | Photo: Mitchell Clark / The Verge

It’s hard to stand out in the world of plant-based meats, but Juicy Marbles is trying to do so by attempting to replicate not just a steak but also one of the higher-end cuts: the filet mignon. When the company reached out to The Verge asking if we wanted to try its steaks, its promises of a tender filet that’s marbled and cooks like a real steak caught my attention, as someone who swore off eating meat for two years (but who still gets a little jealous of the delicious-looking things my wife eats). The price also caught my attention — $40 for a four-pack of four-ounce steaks. For the mathematicians at home, that’s $40 a pound.

Having eaten plenty of plant-based meats, though, I know that marketing materials can be very deceiving and…

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