‘Let me solo her’ defeats 1,000th Malenia in heroic fashion

Bandai Namco / Klein Tsuboi

The tale of “Let me solo her” has reached an epic milestone — 1,000 Malenias defeated. The Elden Ring folk hero live streamed the event, dispatching the thousandth Goddess of Rot in manner that demands it be recounted to the masses.

The tale of “Let me solo her” began last month, when whispers of a strange warrior started making the rounds on Reddit. Players, stymied by a boss considered one of the hardest in FromSoftware history, would call for help, summoning a pot-helmeted, semi-nude warrior who would dispatch Malenia with relative ease. After that, “Let me solo her” would return to his world with a cheerful wave to await the next summons from a Tarnished in trouble. And from there, the legend was born.

“I chose Malenia to help…

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