Ludwig ends his 31-day stream by breaking Ninja’s all-time sub record

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Near the end, Ludwig Ahgren slept a lot. Nestled in his race car bed with a blanket over his face and something new playing in the bottom corner of his screen, Ahgren exuded exhaustion. It was after all another day in the streamer’s Twitch subathon; he’d been live since March 14th, and now there was less than an hour left on the clock. Though as he knew, this had happened before. A number close to zero was no guarantee that the stream would end.

Except this time was different, because he’d finally reached the limit he’d set for himself — 31 straight days of streaming.

Since he started his subathon, Ahgren had become the most subscribed to streamer on Twitch. On the 13th, the day before he took his subathon live, he’d amassed 1,730 subs,…

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