New Mass Effect Legendary Edition Details: Inventory Management Improvements, M-35 Mako Changes, And More

A load of new information about the Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been revealed ahead of its May 14 launch. We learned about some of the changes coming to the trilogy, particularly the improvements made to the first Mass Effect.

The original entry in the Mass Effect series, which launched in 2007, needed a lot of care, according to developer BioWare. So it’s that title that the latest blog post on EA’s site dives into, detailing how the studio improved the inventory, adjusted the M-35 Mako’s handling, and removed weapon class restrictions.

The Mako Isn’t As Floaty, Sort Of

The most interesting change coming to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is the M-35 Mako, the infantry vehicle Shepard drives throughout the series. The first Mass Effect featured a Mako that was floaty and imprecise to control while looking more like a plastic model car than an in-universe tank. For the Legendary Edition, BioWare improved the Mako’s visuals so that it looks more rugged and used, with textures on the body and dirt on the tires. This helps ground the vehicle in the game’s universe.

Other changes include adding a little weight to the Mako so it isn’t as bouncy. There are also new boosters that provide some extra speed, better reticles to line up clearer shots, and more voluminous plumes of smoke when the Mako is burning. Still, producer Renata Cronin told IGN that BioWare is “still in the process of tweaking” the M-35 Mako and “playing around with how weighty” it feels before the trilogy drops this May.

Inventory Management Has Been Reworked

It’s a small adjustment, but the inventory system in the first entry of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been tweaked. It looks as though players can now more easily sort, dismantle, and compare their gear. Items can also be flagged as “Junk” and converted into Omni-gel or sold to merchants simultaneously.

These Guns Hit Different

BioWare has removed class restrictions from the original Mass Effect entry. This means any class, whether that’s an Adept or Vanguard, can use any weapon. However, Specializations, the ability to increase proficiency with certain weapons, remain class-specific. Another change is reducing the cooldown of all weapons. Furthermore, every reticle has been improved to greatly increase weapon accuracy, handling, and reliability.

A Few New High-Res Screenshots

BioWare also dropped some new screenshots in the info dump. Some of them have been floating around the internet for a while, but there are a few new ones sprinkled in there. Either way, they’re all 4K screenshots.

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition launches on May 14 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (via forward-compatibility with PS4), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S (also via forward-compatibility with Xbox One). Check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition preorder guide to learn about the bonuses and editions available.


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