PlayStation keeps pushing into TV and film with a Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix series

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Aloy could be on her way to Netflix.

Sony is continuing to go all in on turning its flagship video games into TV shows and movies — according to Variety, the company announced that it’s making a show based on Horizon Zero Dawn with Netflix at an event for investors. Sony is also working on a movie based on the Gran Turismo series, according to Deadline, but hasn’t found a distributor for it yet, and could feature Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie) as its director. (I’m very curious as to what the plan for this series is — Variety just says it’ll be about “racing.”)

Both projects are reported to be in “early development,” so we likely won’t be streaming them for quite a while. However, the fact that Sony’s continuing to introduce new TV and movie projects shows that the…

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