SpaceX rocket debris creates a fantastic light show in the Pacific Northwest sky

Footage of the debris from Cornelius, Oregon. | Image: Erik Rasmussen / @Rasmusse007

Stargazers in Oregon and Washington were treated to an unexpected show last night: what looked like a meteor shower streaking lazily across the night’s sky that was very likely the remains of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, burning up as it travelled through the atmosphere.

Although SpaceX has not yet claimed responsibility for the spectacle, numerous meteorologists and astronomers ID’ed the lights in the sky as harmless rocket debris. (You can seen plenty of videos of the event in the replies to this Twitter thread.)

“We got a really good show tonight thanks to SpaceX,” James Davenport, an astronomer from the University of Washington, told NBC-affiliate KING5. “This was the top end, what we call…

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