Steam’s Download Page Could Look A Lot Different In A Future Update


Steam has slowly been updating its user interface to have a more modern aesthetic, something which can currently be seen on the marketplace and any backlog of games. The next component of the digital distribution platform that is set to receive a redesign is its download page, which will be more aesthetically in line with recent upgrades.

Here’s what the new download page will reportedly look like, as spotted by SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik and PC Gamer:

For the sake of comparison, here’s what the current download queue looks like as the best Batman game makes its way from the servers and onto a waiting computer:

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It’s undeniably similar to the current progress page for checking how far a download is before you can hop into a game, but sleeker and sharper as you watch numerous lines of data arrive. It’s worth noting that this design isn’t final and things could change before the update officially rolls out, but this should be a good indicator of where Steam is headed.

“They’re working on a new settings page as well, but it doesn’t open so easily though,” Djundik added. “Looks like Valve is slowly but surely heading towards removing VGUI.”

VGUI stands for the Valve Graphical User Interface, the software that has long been the foundation for Steam’s signature look over the years. In other Steam news, a recent leak saw the reveal of a handheld console codenamed “SteamPal” that appears to be currently in development, although there’s no guarantee that this device will ever see the light of day.

If Steam does start seriously thinking of entering into the portable gaming space though, a compact and more modern user interface could be a first step towards seeing the company shift gears and venture into a new market.


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