Techland is at Work on a Range of Dying Light 2 Fixes

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Techland has revealed the fixes they have planned for zombie parkour game Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

There’s nothing horribly broken about Dying Light 2’s gameplay. In fact, we had a ludicrous amount of fun with Dying Light 2, kicking bad guys off roofs, messing around in a paraglider and so on. We called it “…one of the best open world games of recent years,” though we could have done without having the word “Aidenbabaiden” seared into our brains. Mia, you are the worst sister.

Our experience has been largely bug free, except for that time a fire extinguisher clipped through the floor, but people have been running into issues with the game. So far Techland have just rolled out PC patch 1.04 which contains these fixes. The equivalent patches should be coming to PlayStation and Xbox later this week. Those patches will include the range of hotfixes listed below, addressing issues including game crashes, dead body replication, AI tweaks, balance improvements and more.


On top of the hot fixes, Techland plans to add the ability to create backup saves, add additional voice settings and allow non-English speakers to use the English voiceovers. The latter does seem like quite an oversight – it seems only fair that you should be able to mix and match voiceovers.

You can check out the whole Twitter thread here and pick up Dying Light 2 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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