The $750 self-transforming Optimus Prime just got a $750 transforming trailer too

If you’re a ultimate Transformers fan with deep pockets and the willingness to forgive a few big flaws, your dream toy has arrived. One year after introducing a 19-inch tall Optimus Prime robot that can transform itself, pose and even drive thanks to 27 servo motors, its makers at Hasbro and Robosen have made their vision complete — with a brand-new trailer that can also open up, transform, and reveal its own miniature motorized vehicle that rolls right down the ramp.

Image: Robosen
The trailer, all buttoned up.

Let me be clear: it costs $750 for the robot and $750 for the trailer. This is a $1,500 toy all told, and while I greatly enjoyed playing with a walking, talking, posing Optimus Prime with the voice of…

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