The best Star Trek gift ideas for 2021

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Live long and prosper! “Star Trek” is in a new golden age with numerous new series on the air now: “Star Trek Discovery” and “Star Trek Lower Decks” all have new seasons in 2021, with season two of “Star Trek: Picard” coming in 2022.

Whether you’re a fan of these newer franchises or the older ones, there’s sure to be a gift to impress the Trekkie in your life. Nostalgia still abounds for collectors who enjoyed “The Original Series” or “The Next Generation” decades ago. Meanwhile, Blu-Rays abound for numerous “Star Trek” movies and television series.

We’ve assembled some of the best Trek gear for 2021 as you boldly go into this franchise fandom. Act quickly before the best deals warp out of stock!

Air Hogs Star Trek Enterprise Drone: $129.99 $99.99 at Amazon
Dodge Klingons and explore strange new worlds with the iconic USS Enterprise remote control drone, on sale for 23% off at Amazon. Just pop some batteries into it and you can get flying long distances from your controller.View Deal

Our favorite Star Trek gift deals

What We Left Behind: Looking Back At Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Blu-ray): $22.99 $13.79 at Amazon

This 2019 film provides a nostalgic look-back at “Deep Space Nine”, and it’s available for nearly 20% off at Amazon. This “Star Trek” series (which ran from 1993 to 1999) used epic story arcs and dealt with serious matters such as war, post-traumatic stress disorder and racism, putting the series far ahead of its time.View Deal

Star Trek: Discovery – Season Two Blu-Ray: $50 $34.95 at Amazon

Join the time-bending adventures of the “Star Trek: Discovery” crew in the latest complete season available in Blu-Ray, now discounted by a warp-driving 31%. This action-packed season portrays the crew of U.S.S. Discovery finding their way in an alternate timeline.View Deal

The best Star Trek gifts for collectors

Diamond Select Toys Star Trek: The Original Series: Communicator: $40 $37.99 at Amazon

Beam me up, Scotty! The epic communicator of “Star Trek: The Original Series” can be yours at a discount at Amazon. It looks like a flip cell phone but of course, is potentially powerful enough to call in a starship, so there is that.View Deal

Mego Action Figures: Mr. Spock with Tribbles: $44.96 at Amazon

This highly logical action figure shows Spock dealing with the adorable yet pesky Tribbles from “The Original Series”. Watch out for the Tribbles’ notorious replication rate when you set them loose.View Deal

Star Trek books, movie and TV deals

Star Trek: The Wisdom of Picard: $15.99 now $11.89 at Amazon

Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s love of Shakespeare, pithy one-liners and dramatic alliteration comes to life in “The Wisdom of Picard”. His voice is the one we all want to hear during a crisis, or when we have a choice to make.View Deal

Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture Collection: $29.99 at Target

Collect all six of “Star Trek: The Original Series” Hollywood films in one Blu-Ray package. The set includes the acclaimed “Genesis trilogy” of films that detail the adventures of Spock, Kirk’s son and the infamous Genesis planet generator.View Deal

Awesome Star Trek gifts for under $25

Kirk-Spock BFF Keychains: $11.69 at Amazon

This adorable set of logical-illogical Kirk-Spock keychain pairings is perfect to express undying friendship or love, no matter what kind of partnership you’re in. It’s a cheap buy at Amazon.View Deal

Hot Wheels Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise: $13.49 at Amazon

Who needs roads when you can pull up a starship instead? Grab the iconic U.S.S. Enterprise for cheap and start your journey to strange new worlds.View Deal

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