Today’s Wordle answer #276 (with hints) Tuesday March 22

The sun is up here in the UK, the birds are singing, spring is slipping under the curtains, and that means only one thing: there is more Wordle to be done.

After yesterday's puzzle, you may find today's Wordle answer a little more of a challenge. Whether it's up to last week's standard of difficulty it's hard to say but Wordle #276 is certainly a leap on from yesterday's. We'll get into the reasons why below.

Also, keep in mind that this is being written by someone who edited the how-to cheat at Wordle guide. They'd already seen today's answer and they thought today's was difficult.

Don't let today's challenge get you down, we've some hints to point you in the direction of the solution, and the straight-up answer, too, should you need it.

Read on for some full hints and insight to tackle puzzle #275. 

Wordle March 22 hint

First up, the riddle:

Keep your thoughts wet,

That's a safe bet

Not good enough? How about these then?

  1. There is a repeated letter
  2. There’s only one vowel

Today’s Wordle answer #276

If you're still struggling and don't want to skip straight to the answer, have a peek at our best starting words for Wordle guide. Though, one of the words we suggest there – ADIEU – won't reveal a single letter in today's Wordle solution. That's actually a good thing, as it knocks out a lot of common letters.

If you just want the answer, and that's fair, we're all very busy, here it is: today's wordle answer for March 22 is SLOSH.

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Today’s Wordle alternative

With one Wordle puzzle down, are you looking around for something else to sate your word problem hunger? While the official Wordle only lets you solve one puzzle a day, there are plenty of Wordle alternatives out there to satisfy you.

If you need another dose of Wordle in your life read on…



(Image credit: Jordan Bouvier)

Queerdle is a Wordle spinoff that uses a dictionary of terms pulled from the queer lexicon – such as FEMME. WOMXN, QUEER. Unlike Wordle, which strictly uses five-letter solutions, answers in Queerdle can be flexible, with some day's solutions stretching to six to allow for answers like SWITCH.

There are a lot of Wordle alternatives that focus on a single theme or community and Queerdle is a great place to dip your toe in the water of Wordle spin-offs.


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