Ultimate Rivals: The Court Imagines NBA Jam With The Action Of Street Fighter

Basketball is a fast-paced and energetic sport, but have you ever wondered how much better it would be if the players could smash a ball through the hoop a Hadouken-powered dunk? Ultimate Rivals: The Court plans to answer that question when it arrives later this year on Apple Arcade, as it combines the arcade sports feel of NBA Jam with the action of Street Fighter.

Much like last year’s Ultimate Rivals: The Rink, The Court also allows for players to create their ideal team from not only the NBA and WNBA, but you can even draft in players from MLB, NHL, NFL, and the US Women’s National Soccer Team. NBA and WNBA athletes all have their own power-ups to use on the basketball court and competitors from the other sports league will have their own unique ultimate move tied to their discipline.

In total there’ll be over 140 characters available to choose from for your team, including LeBron James, Russell Wilson, Mike Trout, Candace Parker, Kyrie Irving, Alex Morgan, Juju Smith-Shuster, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, and Paul George. Lamar Jackson from the NFL, Bryce Harper from MLB, Patrice Bergeron from the NHL, Candace Parker from the WNBA, and the USWNT’s Christen Press are also officially in the game.

Ultimate Rivals: The Court

Developer Bit Fry Game Studios says that sports fans can keep an eye on the game’s official website to see which other notable athletes have made the cut to join the Ultimate Rivals roster.

Source: gamespot.com

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