Witch-Em-Up Black Book is Getting Endless Battles, a New Roguelike Chapter

Black Book Endless Battles

Black Book, which casts you as a budding witch, is getting Endless Battles, a new chunk of downloadable content.

The main game sees your protagonist, Vasilisa, taking control of a demonic tome and using its power to fight “evil”. Why the quote marks? Because given that she’s basically wielding the Necronomicon, things are a little fuzzy, morality wise.

Black Book draws upon Slavic mythology, which likely had something do with it absolutely smashing its Kickstarter, raising over four times its target. It went on to sell over 100,000 copies which is no small achievement for an indie game. It hasn’t had a special collector’s edition (complete with life-size light-up evil book) yet but we wouldn’t be surprised if Limited Run Games, Strictly Limited Games or Super Rare Games stepped up.


Now, the new Endless Battles roguelike DLC will see you taking your tome and making your way down through Hell to murder Satan. As you do. We were going to make some remark about Endless Battles doing exactly what it says on the tin, but you’ve only got three days to magic Satan’s head off his shoulders, so that title may not be entirely accurate. There’ll be new music, new trinkets though not, apparently, new monsters. Endless Battles will, it seems, tap into the existing bank of Black Book monsters.

Black Book’s Endless Battles DLC arrives on Steam this February 18th, costing $4.99. It will initially only be available for the PC, but will magic its way onto the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 this spring.

Source: GameSpew.com

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