Xiaomi’s CyberOne robot shows us what to expect from Tesla’s promised Optimus bot

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“It’s bringing love, don’t let it get away, break its legs!” | Image: Xiaomi

Chinese tech company Xiaomi — perhaps best known in the West for ripping off Apple’s designs — has unveiled a prototype bipedal robot: the slick-looking CyberOne.

The bot was unveiled last week, and, judging from a brief demo, can do little more than walk across a stage. However, the CyberOne does show us the current state of robot development for a non-specialized company like Xiaomi and offers valuable context as to what we might expect from a, uh, rather similar looking bipedal bot: Tesla’s much-hyped Optimus robot, due to be unveiled as a prototype later this year on September 30th.

As per Xiaomi’s official specs, the CyberOne weighs 52kg (114lbs) and stands 177cm tall (that’s 5 foot 8 inches — officially making CyberOne a short…

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