YouTube is the most-used podcasting platform

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Kristen Radtke / The Verge; Getty Images

Hello! I am back from my travels and am in New York only for a bit before flying off to Dallas for Podcast Movement (I just got an β€œon time” notification from American Airlines, but I am not holding my breath). There will be a fair amount of star power at the conference (Mark Cuban! Audie Cornish!), but I am most looking forward to getting some face time with Hot Pod readers. Also, the gossip β€” you know I live for the gossip.

Today, YouTube is making some podcast moves, and Meghan Markle finally debuts her Spotify podcast.

Exclusive: (another) study shows YouTube is the most-used podcast platform

I am aware I sound like a broken record, but we really need to be keeping an eye on how YouTube could wield its power in the podcasting space….

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